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Our new HQ

MOL Campus is the new headquarters for MOL Group, a global oil and gas company based in Hungary. The new building consolidates the company’s Budapest operations in one place, while creating an exciting new addition to the city’s skyline.

An integral part of the MOL Group’s sustainable vision for 2030, the building provides a blueprint for the office of the future. Its unique form integrates a 28-storey tower with a podium a single form to create a unified campus. The lower floors house restaurants, a conference centre and a whole host of other facilities for staff, while the flexible office spaces are on the upper levels.

Greenery travels through the heart of the building, from the central atrium to the rooftop, bringing nature closer to the workspace. It also acts as a social catalyst, creating spaces for collaboration, relaxation and inspiration. The offset service cores create large flexible areas that encourage collaborative patterns of working. Using cutting edge technology to control light levels, temperature and views these workspaces are finely calibrated to create the perfect working environment, a light filled inspirational space for people to work in.

120 m

28 storeys
86,000 m2

Setting a new benchmark both for Budapest and Hungary, the design of the building makes the most of its urban context to drive a sustainable response. The MOL Campus seeks to preserve live-work relationships as part of the urban experience, where people are about to walk or cycle to work. All occupants have a direct connection to the external environment providing fresh air, daylight and views. The building aims to obtain both LEED and BREEAM qualifications.

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Foster + Partners

Foster + Partners are great innovators in sustainable architecture. Apple Park, London’s Wembley Stadium and ‘Gherkin’, Frankfurt’s Commerzbank Tower, and Berlin’s Reichstag with its iconic glass dome. These are just a few from the list of their landmark buildings. Now, Foster + Partners have arrived in Budapest, as designers of MOL Campus.
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FintaStudio is a leading Hungarian architect firm with more 50 years of experience, headed by Dr. József Finta. FintaStudio has Budapest in their veins, they designed the WestEnd City Center, the Budapest Police Headquarters and Bank Center, among others.
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The Berlin-based interior design company puts human-centered design in focus and delivers customised solutions to its client. KINZO is well-known for designing the interiors for the headquarters of Adidas, SoundCloud and Erste Group.
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Market Építő Zrt. has a proven track record of constructing office buildings for large corporations, including the Telekom and T-Systems joint headquarters and the HillSide Offices in Budapest. The company has been also involved in mega-projects, like the Groupama Aréna and the Apollo Tyres manufacturing plant. Market is also responsible for bringing to life the BudaPart neighbourhood next to MOL Campus, where 15 residential buildings and 13 office buildings will be also developed.
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Ask us!

Why does MOL need a new HQ building?
In Budapest MOL employees work in five districts, therefore, cooperation between the various organisations is not so smooth in certain cases. Furthermore, our current office buildings do not live up to the standards of modern office buildings and are getting to be overcrowded.
Does it have a name?
Yes, our new HQ is called MOL Campus.
Why ‘Campus’?
We call every three-floor unit a campus. Like at the universities, however these are vertical campuses. The three floors within one campus are connected with stairs, and host a winter garden, acting as social catalyst, creating spaces for collaboration, relaxation and inspiration.
How high is the building?
MOL Campus is a 120m, 28-storey building.
How many lifts will you install?
We will install 21 lifts
When do you move in?
In 2022.
Who are the architects?
The designers are the UK-based Foster + Partners and Hungarian FintaStudio.
Foster + Partners sound familiar, do I know them from somewhere?
Apple Park, the new Wembley stadium, the ‘Gherkin’, Commerzbank Tower, glass dome of the Reichstag. These are just a few from the list of their landmark buildings.
Will you be the only occupants in this building?
Yes, only MOL Group employees will work in the building.
How many people will work in the MOL Campus?
The move impacts 2,200 employees, however e will establish 2,500 work stations in the building, so we are flexible with any further increase in the current employee number.
What is the total floor area of MOL Campus?
The gross floor area is 86,000.
Will you rent these offices?
Nope, we purchased the lot, and we are also the developers of the project. MOL Campus will be our own property.
Will MOL Campus have an observation deck?
Yes, we will open a skydeck at the top of the building, having a great view to the picturesque Budapest. The skydeck will be accessible for visitors.
What is the location of MOL Campus?
MOL Campus will be built in the 11th district of Budapest, next to the Kopaszi dam.

About us

MOL Group is an integrated, international oil and gas company, headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. It is active in over 30 countries with a dynamic international workforce of 25,000 people and a track record of more than 100 years in the industry. MOL’s exploration and production activities are supported by more than 75 years’ experience in the hydrocarbon field. At the moment, there are production activities in 8 countries and exploration assets in 13 countries. MOL Group operates four refineries and two petrochemicals plants under integrated supply chain management in Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia, and owns a network of 2,000 service stations across 10 countries in Central & South Eastern Europe. More on MOL Group.

Budapest Scenery

Budapest is our home and we do love this city. We designed a building that does not affect the world heritage panorama of our capital.

We went to the the viewpoints where Budapestians and tourists are often stopped by the fascinating view of the Hungarian capital. In the galleries below you can see how MOL Campus will look like from different viewpoints.

MOL Campus cannot be seen

MOL Campus can be seen